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    Securex was initially tied with the US alarm maker C & K
    systems Inc for intruder alarms before switching to the
    more effective and economical SECURICO India as their
    distributor in Bangladesh. We have installed 1000s of
    intruder alarms , PIR motion detectors, magnetic switches
    laser beam detectors , panic buttons in over a dozen Banks
    and scores of factories, industries, offices and homes.

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    Access control is now a vital part of security with
    applications to operate gates, barriers and doors, allowing
    the designated people in and keeping out those who don’t
    necessarily belong within the premises. From stand alone
    telephone and video entry systems to integrating magnetic
    card and proximity readers, Access Control defines your
    security arrangement, keeping the control in your grip. We
    rely on heavyweight brands like “Castle”, “HIP” & “Syris”
    together these provide a backbone of solutions for the
    customer’s requirement, on premises from flats and
    colleges to hospitals and hotels to offices and factories.
    Securex has successfully installed many premises and our
    service contracts allow us to keep the clients system in great
    operational standards. The solutions are tailored to suit the 
    customer’s security infrastructure from swipe cards, punch 
    keys to finger print detection and biometrics.

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    Fire detection & fighting (prevention) are two separate fields
    of the whole concept of fire safety which sometimes is
    misunderstood to be the same. We had been dealing with
    Fire detection in both the addressable and conventional
    systems for a long time now offering our existing clients with
    smoke, heat detectors and break glass detectors, 2-3-6-8
    panel consoles to compartmentalize the client’s premises.
    For the most reliable solutions we depend of the precision
    Of Securico (R) Systems, India and Zeta – UK.
    Securex has lately started the retail and installation of Fire
    prevention systems which includes sprinklers, jockey
    pumps, hydrants and consoles. This we partner with the
    local agents for Grundfos for consultancy, installation and
    maintenance. Our Fire extinguishers are mainly Chinese 
    manufactured “Typhoon” series A,B,C,D sizes and Gunnebo
    (R) Minimax and dry chemical powder extinguishers.

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     +88 09606 77 33 55