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    Securex has launched its Central Monitoring Station from 
    2018. The first commercial operation of a remote survei-
    llance monitoring service center. While not new in the
    global context of security, it is something that is at the 
    budding stage in Bangladesh. Remote surveillance helps 
    strengthen security to a new level as it reduces the 
    dependence on manned guarding while optimizing the use 
    of automated surveillance equipment, intrusion 
    technology, access control systems, and smart locking 
    With this integrated into a platform that allows CMS 
    operators to take command & control of a customer’s 
    property. Using artificial intelligence CCTV cameras, a 
    customer’s property is thoroughly secured with motion 
    sensor technology to a much greater level than using 
    manned guarding. Detection/intrusion is dealt with 
    professional operators notified of intrusion and allowing 
    operators to view the incident and make necessary calls to 
    the n site guards and supervisors also share the 
    information with law enforcement, fire, and safety 
    Central Monitoring Stations are the way of the future of the 
    private security service industry as labor becomes 
    expensive, this will be the solution.

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