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    ATM Cash management is a very specialized service and
    Securex has a dedicated team of well-trained personnel to
    cater to the 24/7/365-day uninterrupted operations to
    ensure that ATM machines are in order and disburse cash.
    Highly sensitive in nature ATM activities are stringently
    monitored and supervised and Securex has two fortified
    Vault rooms in operation for this purpose. Currently,
    Securex is managing around 2000 ATM booths and involved
    in CDM services for Dutch Bangla Bank (DBBL), Islamic Bank
    Bangladesh Ltd. (IBBL), Jamuna Bank Limited Community
    Bank Bangladesh Limited is all over the country.
    Cash Handling requires integrity and professionalism and
    only experienced companies are given the responsibility,
    which is why Securex was first chosen for this service.

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     +88 09606 77 33 55