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    Cash Carrying Services in Bangladesh single-handedly devised
    and pioneered by Securex and all the companies now offering
    this service have followed the guidelines and format designed
    by Securex. As a market leader, we are 100% compliant with
    operational standards & safety, with the largest insurance 
    coverage in the country. Currently, Securex has approximately
    150 vehicles in operations around the country from Chittagong
    & Cox Bazaar to Bogra & Rajshahi.
    The Service is now essential in the financial sector with the
    the vast majority of Banks taking the outsourced service the
    the corporate sector has also embraced this in simplifying
    their payroll activities and operations. Our ever-growing 
    fleet is now being used in 10 zonal areas across Bangladesh.

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     +88 09606 77 33 55